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The Ultimate Family Camping Tent Experience

Ruggedly built. Amazingly spacious.

A Better Camping Experience

Stop wasting valuable camping time setting up complicated tents that have you crammed in like sardines and are really only good for a bad night sleep.

Wildcat tents setup and take down faster and easier, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love. Simply inflate the 4 air truss tubes once with the provided pump and you're good to go!

Our spacious designs ensure everyone in your group has the room they need to unwind and relax - the way camping should be!

BOBCAT 500 Series

Ideal for families of all sizes and any camping enthusiast looking for an exceptional camping experience. 
Features include:

- A two room, divided sleeping area that can easily be combined into one larger room.

- A side room for storage or additional sleeping space. 

- A central "living room" area. 

- A large outdoor canopy.

- Fast setup & take down.

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Easy Setup & Take Down

With our easy inflatable "air truss" system our camping tents can be inflated in under 4 minutes, and when it comes time to go home, they deflate in the same short amount of time. No more wasting valuable family camping time with traditional wall tents or complicated pole tents!

Quality Construction

Wildcat tents are made from the most durable, breathable materials available utilizing high-quality polycotton blended fabric with integrated ripstop. Bottom line: You'll enjoy a more comfortable camping experience in a tent built to last for years to come.


Your Wildcat inflatable camping tent will become your home away from home. Other tents claim to have room for a large family, but those tents could fit inside ours and traditional wall tents take forever to set up! Our tents give you room to stretch out in with separate sleeping areas, a large living space, and a privacy room.

Tinted Windows

All Wildcat inflatable camping tents feature our window tint technology throughout to aid in keeping the interior cool while increasing privacy, allowing you to stay more comfortable for a more enjoyable camping experience.

Superior Window Screens

Our tents also feature a built in, high-quality, window mesh that is "no-see-um" grade. It is designed to protect you and your family against even the smallest insects, excellent for camping in any environment or season.

Power Supply Entry Door

Our Power Supply Entry Door, located behind the water apron on the exterior of the tent, allows you to bring a power cord into your tent while keeping your entry doors totally zipped closed.

Four Different Configurations

Our tents feature a 100% cotton bedroom area capable of 4 different configuration options including space for a queen sized bedroom with an additional full bedroom, one large bedroom, & more. The bedroom area is complete with storage pockets on inside and outside of the room

Reflective Guy Lines

Securing the tent outside is easy with our reflective adjustable guy lines which conveniently store in their own integrated storage pocket neatly kept and permanently part of the structure.

Extra Large Storage Bag

Our extra large storage bag fits the tent and all tent accessories with ease. Simply open the bag, roll the tent right in and place the accessories on top. Straps are adjustable for a tight fit. No cramming and repacking like you did with your old tent.

Standing Head Room

Imagine a tent where the whole family can stand up and not be hunched over while walking around! With an amazing 6' 8"+ of headroom, it's just one more reason why Wildcat tents are an ideal family camping choice!

Exceptional Floor Material

Sleeping on bumpy terrain is not ideal or comfortable. Our tents feature 195 G PE material plus an additional PE Footprint that combines for superior durability and comfort.

Convenient Attachment Loops

All Wildcat inflatable camping tents feature attachment loops positioned along each air truss allowing you to hang all your camping essentials, from lights to speakers and everything in between.

What Our Customers Are Saying

If you bought a tent and it’s not this tent, you bought the wrong tent.

I was a bit skeptical at first before finally pulling the trigger on this but after a quick weekend getaway with my wife, I'M SOLD.

Wildcat Outdoor Gear’s Air Truss Tents are awesome. Our kids love camping and they get a thrill out of having their own separate bedroom.