WOG Lynx 640 Assembly Instructions – Wildcat Outdoor Gear
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WOG Lynx 640 Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove the tent and accessories from the carry bag and spread the tent out on the ground. Determine which direction you want your entrance doors to face and adjust the position accordingly.
  2. Locate the corners of your tent and insert the provided stakes into the stake loops. Note: do not pull corners tight when inserting stakes. When the "Air Truss" inflates, the slack will be taken up to create a snug installation. If necessary, adjust corner steaks after "Air Truss " inflation.
  3. Unscrew the cap on the air valve and inflate your "Air Trusses" and screw the cap on after inflation. Then insert you're stakes into the stake looks at each inflated "Air Truss". Note: Check your corner stakes for proper tension. Make any necessary adjustments. 
  4. Insert the galvanized guy line stakes and fasten your guy lines to them. Use the tensioner to make necessary adjustments. 
  5. Zip on your Reversible Side Pack Room on either side of the tent. Insert poles into pole slot and use the tensioner for a proper fit. Locate the stake loops and insert stakes into loops. Finally, insert your galvanized guy line stakes and fasten your guy lines to them. 
  6. Insert “Front Canopy Pole” through eyebrow slot and insert ends in plastic retention cups and pull strap to adjust. Install stakes in front canopy in corners and returns 2 locations each side.
  7. NOTE: Do not try and reposition the entire tent by grasping canopy flaps as it is much too heavy and it can cause damage!
  8. Please find Side Pack Room under tent before set up. It will be located there.



  1. Insert your toggles on inner tent into the toggle loops on "Air Truss". Stage bedroom to your desired comfort. Note: We suggest air beds or soft mattresses. Bed frames can puncture your tent and tent floor. 
  2. Camp in comfort! Note: Insert your carpets, tables and chairs, television/devises, and personal belongings. These tents were designed specifically to provide you with the ability to create the comforts of home, in the great outdoors. Please camp responsibly and be safe out there!!