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1 Year Product Warranty:

  • Items covered under this warranty are stitching failures, “Air Truss” bladders, “Air Truss” valves, and zipper failures. The stitching that attaches the stake loops to tent base is not included.
  • Items that are not covered under a manufactures warranty:  Tent poles, shock cord and spring links aren't covered under a manufactures warranty. These are seen as a wear and tear item, much like tires on a car.
  • A manufactures warranty does not cover customer or storm damage. If your tent/product is used in situations/conditions which exceed ours or the manufactures recommendations this may invalidate your warranty.
  • Items sold by Wildcat Outdoor Gear come with a 1 year manufactures warranty
  • We would like to note that no matter what damages may have occurred or why they may have occurred, Wildcat Outdoor Gear stands by their customer and will help in any way we can. If we cannot warranty a damaged product, then we will offer a repair at a small fee, or send our customer a discount to a replacement product.
Please contact us for more information and warranty claims.