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“We pride ourselves in using the finest equipment available for our style of fishing.”

Zip Outdoors Striper Fishing


We are excited to be showcasing a new boat for 2020. It will be in manufacture shortly and we are hoping we can provide some photos during this stage. We will be creating a special post on this shortly, and we can’t wait. Our previous boat was great, that said, we look forward to adding additional space, more seating, platform area, and a ton of features on a Fine Quality Brand from an Outstanding Supplier. Most importantly will be the addition of a “facility” on-board. We are booking many families with children and young adults and have felt this feature was a must to keep all clients comfortable throughout the day.


For 2020 we will be running (2) Garmin 1242XSV Sonar/GPS combos with a complete system including:

  • Standard and Chirp Sonar
  • Clear Vu and Side View
  • Panoptix and Panoptix LiveScope
  • Garmin and Samsung Camera Systems

The entire system will be networked together to give us and our clients the opportunity to see everything happening below the boat as well as all around us. This gives us the opportunity to go where the fish are. Being able to see our bait and fish strikes on screen, for lack of a better description is just “very cool”!


We have been using Connley Fishing Inshore PGC 12-20# Bait Casting Rods for many years, great products, great people, and awesome customer service. We also use the Connley Fishing Custom Bait Nets that match our rods. They are the perfect size, well-made, and add a little touch of class! We starting using Accurate Reels a few years ago and are totally hookedJ! We will be switching all that aren’t already to the Valiant 300’s with clickers. They are arguably the best reels available throughout their complete line. Super light, micro adjustable, smooth as silk, strong as a winch, superior drag system, extremely reliable and great customer service.

I have to add that this combination suits our style of fishing and many others, there are of course other combinations and styles more suited to different approaches.


We will have a 30 Gallon Tank in our Helm Seat as well as 2- 25 gallon built-in tanks located aft. All will aerate and filter. We will still keep our Blue Water 30 Gallon in the mix as it is the best tank for keeping bait lively and fresh from start to finish of each day and a simple but very effective design and solid Company.


We will be using the new 2020 Black Pearl Cast Net Design. Black Pearl has hit the jackpot with their special and unique feature to an already awesome net and quality product. Check them out online, there are some great videos out there you will see the results firsthand with us.


We use only fresh bait, caught daily, kept lively and healthy. We give our Targets what they are already eating, not something that looks like it! With our service you experience catching the bait and we create a dynamic which helps bring the large Predator Fish to us in the early morning and especially at first light. We do our very best to provide our clients action and opportunities at “big ones,” and we typically do. That said, it is “fishing” not “catching”. We can promise you will leave knowing we worked hard for you, you have spent some quality time on the water, and we hang in there even when the fishing gets tough!

We will stay on anchor early and then go on the move to locate our Targets. Our goal is to get all on-board an opportunity at quality and above average size fish. Stripers, both regular and hybrid, Brown Trout, (from season start until the end of June). Walleyes mixed in throughout the season and often some monster Catfish.

If the big fish are having a lazy day we can adjust and target Smallmouth Bass and Jumbo Perch. We do try and stick it out for the big ones because we have learned “it” can happen at any time of day.


We have our own Brand of top quality and uniquely comfortable camping tents see us We will be offering different options to come and stay, camp, fish and enjoy other activities in our area. We launch from Capri Marina and stay there throughout the season ourselves. There are opportunities to stay in one or more of our tents on-site and there is a fine quality Authentic Italian Restaurant all within walking distance. More days than not, that is how we finish our day, and all are welcome to join us.


Captain Morgan (yes he is the original although he doesn’t wear the pirate garb anymore) and Zip look forward to seeing you.

On Instagram: zip_outdoors  

On Facebook: Guided Lake Wallenpaupack Striper Trips

Check us out to see plenty of results and daily catches on-line. We look forward to meeting more new clients/people and making new friends. We welcome seasoned fisher people as well as families. Our style of fishing makes it possible for folks of all ages and ability levels to get a chance at the fish of a lifetime.


You can direct message us from Instagram or Facebook. Text us or leave us a voicemail at 570-840-8632. You can email us at We like to take the time to have a direct conversation to discuss all options, special needs and discuss start times. Our end times are often very flexible as we have found that if we hang in there longer, good things often happen!


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