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Do you need a compressor to fill the air trusses?

No you do not need a compressor. A had pump is provided with the tent. It is suggested that you do not use an electric pump as you can over inflate the air truss and cause damage.

Is the tent waterproof?

Yes it is completely waterproof. The Polycotton blend provides a waterproof fabric as well as a comfortable and breathable living space.

Does the bedroom come with the tents or are they purchased separately?

The bedrooms come with the tents in the original bag. They are not purchased separately.

Is it a 4 season tent?

No we classify out tents as being 3 season tents as they are not capable of incorporating a wood stove, nor can they handle a heavy snow load.

How many people can they sleep?

We don’t classify our tents by the number of bodies that you can lay on a floor next to each other. We refer to that as the “sardine can” approach. Instead, we refer to our tents as two bedroom tents, but you can sleep as many as you would like in a 200+ sf living space. There is plenty of additional room for gear storage ect both inside and outside of our tents.

How long can we leave the tent up without loosing air in the trusses?

We leave out tents up all season long in a campground near where we live. We very seldom add any air and rarely have to tighten the guy wires over a 4-6 month period.

What happens if we puncture a tube?

A patch kit is provided to you in the carry bag. You can unzip the air truss bladder from the sleeves and make a repair in the field which you couldn’t do with a standard pole tent. You can contact us to send out a brand new bladder as a replacement at no charge.

How do the tents hold up in the wind?

They hold up the same as any pole tent of their size. The advantage is they will only bounce around if the winds are high where as a pole can experience breakage or permanent bending which can ruin your camping trip.

Is there a floor under the entire tent?

Yes. Our floor is made up of 195 g PE material and is sewn in to the tent fabric 8 inches from the ground to aid in extra water proofing at the base of the tent.