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Our Story

Most large family tents are built with a confusing pile of tent poles, some color-coded, many different sizes, making setting up the family tent a stressful way to start your family vacation!

Setting up your large inflatable family camping tent is as simple as Unrolling it from the bag, inflating the trusses, and staking it to the ground

Setup is easy, but so is take down. Just deflate the air trusses, roll up the tent, and store it in the over-sized storage bags - designed to keep you from fighting to put your temporary home away for storing.

You can not find an easier large family tent to setup. We know, we looked.

You do the math ...

Quicker Setup = More time Roasting Marshmallows

Inflatable Air Truss System

Air Truss Technology

Our innovative "Air Truss" technology simplifies setup and take down so you can focus on having fun instead of fighting with your temporary home! Inflating your home away from home takes only minutes, making it easier than ever to setup camp.

Simply attach an air pump to your air truss and in just a minute the truss is filled. Move onto the next truss and in less than 4 minutes your entire tent is standing up in front of you.

PLUS the air trusses are placed in a fabric sleeve, keeping them in place and ready to inflate

Quality Materials

Cheap tents are made of subpar materials. This isn't a big problem when its sunny and 70 degrees out.

Have you ever spent a rainy night in a tent?

That is when the quality of the material, and construction come into play!
Toby, a contractor who built homes for years, knew this truth; agood home starts with good materials.

That's why the Wildcat Outdoor Gear Tent is made of the finest cotton and cotton/poly blends available. They keep you comfortable and dry, whatever the weather brings, you will be ready.

No more soggy sleeping bags

High grade floor materials keep the water and "critters" out and give you years of worry free service. The latest technology in ventilation and breathability.

All components such as guy-lines, line keepers, stakes and poles (when needed sparingly for canopies and eyebrows)  are made of durable materials.

Spacious Interior

We have a theory. The same guys who rate tent spacing also design sardine containers.

When was the last time you tried to fit your family of 4 in a "4-person tent"?

Most four-person tents have floor space ranging from 55 square feet to 65 square feet.  There are literally porta-potties with more interior space. Don't believe us? HERE IS THE PROOF

Aust has 4 kids. When he heard that the tent was designed for a large


family of humans, not sardines, he was interested...

The layout of the Wildcat Tent is perfect for large families.

Both models have a large living area, perfect for storing your clothing and gear or playing a board game!

Each tent has a large divided sleeping area, so Mom and Dad can have their own space. The Wildcat Outdoor tents also feature a side privacy room, a place for the family to change in, or even to put a camping porta-toilet, saving you those spooky midnight walks to the bathroom with the kids!

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Awesome Customer Support

The dust settled. We outdoorsy dads created a tent perfect for our families and we figured it would be good for your families too. So we decided to share it with you, so you and your family can have amazing outdoor adventures together.

We don't sell through middle men. You purchase direct from Wildcat Outdoor Gear. You are our valued customer, no markups for in-betweens. You will get the best value for your dollar and excellent support before, during, and after your purchase!

Our Promise

We're dads... we know that things happen. Jr. is going to run into the screen door and tear it.

So we give you the outdoorsy dad promise: We believe in our products and stand behind them (and in them for that matter). If something breaks, we will make it right.


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