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The hardest part about camping should be roasting the perfect marshmallow.

We should know, we're dads. We've seen plenty of burnt, melted, and ash covered marshmallows in our time. Roasting the perfect marshmallow is hard. It's a skill only perfected after years spent around a campfire.

Not all things associated with camping need to be hard

That's why we, the dads behind Wildcat Outdoors, became tentmakers in the first place. We wanted to make going on outdoor family adventures easier for our families and yours!

We started Wildcat Outdoor Gear to make family adventure easy because:

  • Setting up your tent does NOT have to be hard
  • Living in your tent does NOT have to be hard
  • Fitting a family of 4 in a 4 person tent does NOT have to be hard

When you purchase a Wildcat Outdoor Gear inflatable camping tent, we PROMISE it won't be!

We designed the Wildcat Outdoor Gear camping tents with our wives and children in mind. Family vacation is a precious commodity and if we were going to spend it with our families outside, we wanted to be sure they would LOVE it!

With our unique Air Truss Technology, setup is a... breeze (Get it? Dad joke...).

The materials our tents are built with are chosen specifically to keep our families dry and comfortable.

The designs are large and spacious, with plenty of room for our kids to play and our wives to relax! Take the tour for yourself: TOUR

If you get a Wildcat Outdoor Gear inflatable camping tent, we guarantee you will spend less time fussing with the tent and more time enjoying the outdoors with your kids.

Roasting the perfect marshmallow is a dying skill. Pass it on to the next generation!

Here's to more time spent together around a campfire... (and more Wildcat Certified Master Marshmallow Roasters!)

-The Outdoorsy Dads (Bernie - Toby - Aust)

Bernie - Wildcat Outdoor GearToby - Wildcat Outdoor GearAust - Wildcat Outdoor Gear