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What Are "Air Trusses"?

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What Are "Air Trusses"?

It's a question we get asked all the time!  "What's the deal with the air trusses?".  Simply put, they are large, durable tubes that easily inflate to bring the tent up to it's set up position.

Each tent has 4 tubes and we provide an easy to use pump.  Just unscrew the truss valve, insert the pump tube and then pump the truss until it is firm.  This takes about 60 seconds per tube.  Once one tube has been inflated, remove the pump tube and screw the truss value closed and move on to the next one.

Wildcat Outdoor Gear Air Truss SystemWildcat Outdoor Gear Air Truss System

Our Air Truss system does not require constant pumping or air flow.  Once you get the tubes filled, they will remain full until it's time to take the tent down.

While the Air Truss system makes setting up the tent much easier, most campers actually find that it's even better when it's time to go home because you simply unscrew each valve and the tubes deflate on their own and very quickly - making packing up the tent super fast (which is important because no one likes that aspect of camping).

We chose to use the Air Truss system over conventional tent poles for several reasons.  First and foremost, it's just easier to set the tent up and take down. 

Second, we never liked how difficult some tents were with their color coded poles and complicated directions.

Finally, it takes very little effort to bend a tent pole and when that happens, it's game over for the outing. Our air trusses are super durable and even in windy conditions the tent is flexible and returns to it's correct shape - not something you can say for most pole tents.

Bottom Line: Air Trusses make camping much more enjoyable and since we pride ourselves on offering premium camping tents designed to create the ultimate camping experience, it just made perfect sense!

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