What Makes Wildcat Outdoor Gear Tents "Premium"?
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What Makes Wildcat Outdoor Gear Tents "Premium"?

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What Makes Wildcat Outdoor Gear Tents "Premium"?

It's a question we get asked a lot!  The short answer is surprisingly simple.  We have built the BOBCAT500 and LYNX 640 to not just meet, but exceed the needs of our own families - not just some idea of what a great tent should be like.  

The process starts from the ground up by using the highest quality materials and superior construction to create structures that are 100% waterproof, incredibly durable and easy to use.

Most campers we know, love the idea of a traditional wall tent.  They offer substantially more room that your typical camping tent and allow for comforting accessories like camp furniture, cots for sleeping, and more.  However, the idea of setting up a wall tent is what prevents most from owning one.

I personally don't own a wall tent and don't ever foresee owning one simply because of the idea of setting it up and taking it down.

Wildcat tents are different.  As we like to say, they provide the spaciousness and comfort of a traditional wall tent with the convenience and ease of a conventional camping tent.  With over 200 square feet of interior space including over 6'8" of head room, divided sleeping areas, and a side pack room for convenient storage of all your gear, clothes, and more, our tents really are the next generation in family camping.

However, we didn't stop with great construction and spacious floor plans.  One of the biggest advantages to a Wildcat Outdoor Gear tent is our inflatable air truss system. 

Instead of using complicated poles, our tents set up simply by inserting the provided hand pump into each of the four truss valves and inflating the tube (each tube inflates in under 1 minute - so it goes very quickly).  

Not only does this cut down on the weight when comparing it to a wall tent, but the actual time it takes to set up and, arguably even more important,  take down the tent (no one is excited to take down a tent at the end of a camping trip) is mind blowing! 

Simply unstake the tent, roll up the guy lines, and release the air in the trusses and watch your tent deflate in just a few minutes!  Roll it up, pack it in the bag and your headed home!

There is a lot more to learn and love about Wildcat tents so be sure and check out the each one on our website to see all the great benefits and features we've packed into these amazing premium inflatable camping tents!

Click Here To View The BOBCAT500

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