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Why A Wildcat Tent Makes The Perfect Family Gift!

Posted by Wildcat Outdoor Gear on
Why A Wildcat Tent Makes The Perfect Family Gift!

Wow, it's hard to believe the holiday season is upon us! Every year it seems to sneak up and leave us scrambling with trying to find time to spend with family, shop for friends and love ones, and enjoy as much holiday cheer as possible.

While we can't help with all of that, we can help with giving you the opportunity to give the gift of the great outdoors to your family this year.

In looking back at the past summer, do you feel you went camping as much as you would have liked?  If you answered yes, good for you!  That's impressive :) 

However, if you are like most of us, chances are good, you didn't...

But, what were the reasons for not camping with your family more often?  Not enough time with busy schedules? The dread for setting up and taking down camp for only a quick weekend trip? Not sleeping well due to being too cramped in the tent?

This year, why not invest in building a love for the outdoors and give your family the gift of a Wildcat tent.  

With a Wildcat tent, you won't dread set up and take down, as our tents set up in just a few minutes and take down is just as easy and quick. 

That means you will actually look forward to quick weekend getaways, and you won't waste valuable outdoor family time setting up and taking down tents that have you sleeping like sardines - most family camping tents when set up would fit in ours!

With a Wildcat tent, you will also enjoy the added benefit of divided sleeping rooms so you know everyone will get the R& R you're suppose to get when camping.

Lastly, with our quality craftsmanship and superior materials, you and your family will enjoy your new tent for many years to come.

So why not make an investment in a family camping tent that you and your family will actually look forward to using year in and year out?

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  • Nick on

    We just love our Wildcat tent! We bought it a year go and have used it more than any other tent we have ever owned and our two kids love having their own room!

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