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Wildcat LYNX 640 vs. REI Kingdom 6 Tent for Family Tent Camping

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Wildcat LYNX 640 vs. REI Kingdom 6 Tent for Family Tent Camping

As warmer weather will soon be upon us, many families are beginning to plan camping trips for over the summer months.  Family camping can be a wonderful experience provided everyone has the right expectations, and a certain level of comfort can be achieved.

Traditionally, family tent camping has always required a little bit of the "get comfortable being uncomfortable" mentality.  Everything from the agonizing task of setting up the family tent to cramming into it like a bunch of sardines.  This process typically leaves everyone more exhausted at the end of the trip then the beginning - we for one, don't think camping should have to be like that! Which is why we have created the LYNX 640 (and BOBCAT 500) - but more on that in a second.

There are many family camping tent options on the market today, and each tent offers a variety of pros and cons.  One of the most popular options is the REI Kingdom 6 tent.  

Let's take a comparative look at the REI Kingdom in relation to the Wildcat LYNX 640 in 6 major categories, size, features, quality, ease of set up, versatility, and price.



 REI Kingdom 6 Wildcat LYNX 640
Interior Square Feet 83' 228'
Exterior covered Sq. Ft. 29' 30'
Headroom 6' (at peak) 6' 11" (throughout)


While the Kingdom provides quite a bit of interior space and decent headroom, it's almost not even comparable to the LYNX 640.



 REI Kingdom 6  Wildcat LYNX 640
Divided Sleeping Tent can be divided into 2 rooms Two rooms built in to tent + living area.
Gear Storage One room could be used for this. Included side pack room can store all your gear.
Pockets/Organization Interior storage pockets Interior storage pockets + gear rings on trusses.
Footprint Can be purchased separately Built into tent/included.
Doors/Windows 2 doors, Bugproof mesh paneling. 1 door, several windows with mix of vinyl and no-see-um grade mesh. 
Power Supply Entry Port No Yes
Rain Fly Yes, must be put on. Yes, built in no assembly required.


As you can see, both tents offer some great options.  However, the overall spacious design of the LYNX 640 allows for additional features that create a more comfortable camping experience.



 REI Kingdom 6 Wildcat LYNX 640
Floor Material 150-denier coated polyester Oxford 195 G PE material plus an additional PE Footprint.
Rain Fly 75-denier coated polyester taffeta WOG Stable-Vent” Fabric, our own blend of cotton, polyester, and rip-stop material tested to provide exceptional waterproof specifications without sacrificing “breathability”


Overall, both tents are going to keep you dry, however with the Kingdom you'll definitely want to also purchase the footprint whereas it's included and built into the LYNX.  The Poly cotton with rip stop blend in the LYNX is nice touch and provides exceptional durability.


Setup & Take Down

  REI Kingdom 6 Wildcat LYNX 640
# of Poles 3 (1 hubbed + 2 doorway) 0 - Inflatable air truss system
Setup Time Approx. 20 minutes Under 10 minutes.
Take Down Approx. 20 minutes

Under 10 minutes


While REI has done a good job simplifying the set up process using text poles, the ease of setting up a Wildcat tent does not even compare.  The LYNX uses 4 inflatable air trusses that each inflate in under 60 seconds using an easy to use hand pump that is included.  Simply inflate the tubes, remove the pump and seal the valves and the tent is up!  

Take down is as easy, simply unstake the tent, unscrew the values to release the air and roll the tent up.



When it comes to versatility, both tents are a great option.  The REI Kingdom is lighter at 22lbs and include a backpack carry bag.  The LYNX is heavier (108lbs) and includes a large bag that makes it easy to fit the tent into.  

The weight of the LYNX speaks directly to the quality and size of the tent.  While both tents are great options for family camping trips, the LYNX will hands down provides next level comfort and enjoyment for your family while not compromising the overall camping experience.



When it comes to price, you may first think that the REI Kingdom is a better deal at $700 (including mudroom and footprint), in comparison to the LYNX 640 at $1,899.  However, the LYNX is actually less when you look at cost per square foot, and if you look at cubic feet there really is no comparison.

 REI Kingdom 6 Wildcat LYNX 640
Retail (with all accessories) $700 $1,899
Cost Per Square Foot $8.43 (83 sqft) $8.33 (228 sqft)
Cost Per Cubic Foot $1.34 (521 cf3) $0.85 (2,244 cf3)


That's why we say "Wildcat tents are not expensive, they are expansive!"


While the REI Kingdom 6 is certainly a good option for family camping, if you are looking for the best camping experience possible and are not interested in the "get comfortable being uncomfortable" mentality, then investing in a Wildcat Outdoor Gear tent is 110% the way to go!

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