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Outer Tent (Fly): “WOG Stable-Vent” Fabric, our own blend of cotton, polyester, and rip-stop material tested to provide exceptional waterproof specifications without sacrificing “breathability”. We have created and tested comfortable, waterproof living spaces, where others make “tents”!

Bedrooms: Our inner areas are fully breathable cotton with just a bit of polyester to provide strength and years of service. Bedroom 1 is designed to fit a queen size air mattress and Bedroom 2 is designed for a full size air mattress. The center wall can be rolled up to create one large bedroom or the entire bedroom area can be disconnected from the main tent body if desired. Storage pockets are provided for personal belongings.

Floor Material: 195 G PE material plus an additional PE Footprint. Tested, durable and comfortable.

Storage Bag: Oxford Storage Bag with ample room for everything, putting our products away is not an all-day knuckle busting battle!

Stakes: Steel Pins for staking out and Galvanized Stakes for guying out.

Power Access Door: Our Power Access Door Allows you to bring your power cord into your tent while keeping your entry doors totally zipped closed. The Access Door is behind the water apron on the exterior of the tent, shedding any water away from entering through the access point.

Guy Lines: Reflective adjustable Guy Lines which conveniently store in their own integrated storage pocket neatly kept and permanently part of the structure.

“Air Truss” Structural Members: Wildcat Air Trusses are made of durable TPU Tubes and have 2 protective covers to keep them tubes free from harm. Air Trusses can be quickly accessed and repaired with the included repair kit. Unlike Pole Tents they will not bend, break, or cause damage to the tent. Should a repair be needed, the work to do so can be performed from the inside of the tent where you can be protected from the elements. Air tubes require 6-7 psi for inflation using the provided air pump. We suggest that you pump the tubes until the pump resists the ability to add additional air.

Air Pump: Included is a high volume manual pump. Electric DC air pumps are not recommended as they could cause over inflation and damage to the tubes.

NOTE: each “Air Truss” inflates in less than 60 seconds and all 3 can be done in less than 3 minutes!



  • Easy set up and take down. No more jambing tent poles through sleeves or trying to remember what pole goes where. Simply stake your tent base over the footprint, inflate your “Air Truss”, set your guy lines, and enjoy your camping experience. When the camping trip is over, simply unscrew the air valve and the “Air Truss” deflates immediately!
  • Manufactured from fine high quality materials “designed to last”. Poly/Cotton tents hold up well against Sun and its UV rays which helps give the tents a longer life expectancy than your average polyester tent. They also are able to breath much better than polyester tents, keeping you cooler and more comfortable.
  • Top Quality Zippers and fabric inner bands designed to keep zippers from becoming “snagged”
  • A repair kit in included in the even that you do spring a leak. Repairs can easily be made in the field and even inside of the tent where you are out of the wind and rain.
  • Windows are tinted to aid in keeping interior cool and to increase privacy
  • Window Mesh is high quality no-see-um grade mesh
  • Window and mesh covers zipper from inside and seal at the top, you can open or close from inside as you desire
  • Our Structures are heavy, heavy means stable, stable means comfortable, heavy also means durable!