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Tent Flooring - Why It Matters.

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Tent Flooring - Why It Matters.

This post is a continuation of our Why The Price? Why The Weight Post. 

If you have tent camped long enough, you are probably already aware that not all tent floors are created equal.   While there are many satisfactory options out there, few actually compare to a Wildcat Outdoor Gear tent.

While just about all tents on the market provide flooring that is designed to keep moisture out, most also require a ground cloth or foot print to provide adequate protection from water.

Our tents are different.  You don't need a ground cloth and you are not going to have water issues. Period.  We use extremely durable, high grade 195 Gram PE on the tent floor and incorporate it into a seamless "bathtub" design allowing the material to rise 6" vertically on all walls (pictured above) giving you maximum protection where most tents fail.

The high grade PE is also thicker providing additional protection from rocks, roots and other hard items that will negatively impact your camping and sleeping experience.  This also adds to the longevity of our tents and is another reason they are built to last.

The bottom line is that a critical aspect to a well made tent is the flooring and just like every other aspect of our tents, our floors are over built to maximize protection, enhancing the overall camping experience.

Don't spend another sleepless night in a soggy sleeping bag! Get a Wildcat tent and camp comfortably! 

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