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Wildcat Tents - Why The Price? Why The Weight?

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Wildcat Tents - Why The Price?  Why The Weight?

Two questions we get asked all the time - “why are your tents so expensive?” and “why are your tents so heavy?”.  The answer to both is in the details of what makes a Wildcat tent superior.

The Need

As avid tent campers with young children, we continuously found that there were really no good tent options that would accommodate several people.  Sure, you can cram a family of 4 or 5 into many other brands, even those considered to be “high end”, but you're in there like a bunch of sardines, with little to no room to relax.  If there is any inclement weather - forget it, most likely you’re headed for home.

There must be a better option!  We looked and looked, but each tent we found had its flaws.  Too small, poor quality, not the right features, and on and on… 

The solution, design and craft the perfect camping experience! So that’s exactly what we did.


We started from the ground up using extremely durable high grade 195 Gram PE on the tent floor, not found on other tent options. This provides superior protection against the elements as well as providing additional comfort on harder surfaces. The floor also has a “bathtub design” which means it continues up, vertical in all areas 6 inches. This makes the floor system seamless at the most vulnerable location. We also have an expansion strip located where the floor and sidewalls meet to allow for movement or flexing.   Read more about our tent floors here.

Tent Material

We use a polyester cotton blend, also not found on most other traditional tent options.  While the cotton provides excellent breathability, the polyester provides waterproofing and ripstop for extended durability and overall longevity.

Air Trusses

Having spent countless hours (of what should have been quality family time) organizing and putting together poorly marked tent poles, we knew this had to change.  By introducing the “air truss” system, our tents set up faster than those a fraction of their size (in some cases in under 5 minutes!).  Simply insert the pump valve into the truss and inflate for a minute or so and repeat with all 4 trusses.  Once they are inflated, close the valve and you’re good to go for the night, weekend, week, month! The Air Trusses are completely covered with 2 layers of very durable nylon fabric. Should a puncture or leak occur (which is extremely rare) the Air truss can be taken out, quickly patched with a provided patch kit and re-inflated. This can all be done from inside the tent. If a pole breaks or bends to an extreme this could cost you your trip. Even getting replacement poles moving forward could be very a challenge.

Perhaps best of all, when it is time to go home, taking the tent down is just as easy and super fast!  Simply unscrew the valves and the trusses deflate.  Pull up the stakes, roll up the tent and put it back in the oversized bag. 

Room For The Whole Family To Relax

Here is where we really wanted the tents to shine.  We went big! With more than 220 square feet of interior camping space (that’s more than some small campers!) We created an indoor living space that will accommodate the whole family and allow for you to truly unwind in.  We incorporate divided sleeping areas that have 4 different configurations, a large living area, and even a side pack room to store gear, food, you name it!

While the idea of camping is to spend more time in the outdoors, sometimes things don’t always go as planned whether it’s the weather, just needing some down time, etc.  Our tents ensure everyone has the space they need.

Additional Benefits:

  • High quality metal stakes, not cheap breakable plastic options.
  • Durable screen and vinyl mixed windows with high quality dual zippers
  • D rings on the interior air trusses to hang gear, lights, etc.
  • Pockets on the inside and outside of the sleeping areas (ideal for books, headlamps, devices).
  • Power cord entry (allowing for an extension cord to be brought inside the tent while keeping mother nature out). 
  • And more!

If you’re still reading this, hopefully you are starting to see the difference between a Wildcat tent and other less expensive options.  Our tents are big and burley, we designed them for ourselves and our own family camping and we wanted something that would last - not need to be replaced year after year! We could have easily made a less expensive, lighter tent, but we would have had to sacrifice all the things that make our tents superior.

Our tents are different by design.  They are an investment, one you simply need to see to believe.  Click here to shop now!

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